Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This is where you will get an answer to the most common questions generally asked . If Further more question you can always Ask here or Contact Us

1) Why I will pay Membership Fee?

Ans:- Your Membership Fee is non-refundable & Completly voluntarily support to our parent Organisation Mission. In order to that, we are also providing better Value for Your Money 

2)What is Mentorship Programm of BPUT TIMES? How can someone eligible or Apply for it?

Ans:- In Partnership with Facebook We have launched a Mentorship program where the mentor will guide fully to the mentee in a particular area in where the mentor has expertise. This Programm is FREE for All the BPUT TIMES’s Sliver, Gold, Dimond Members who are inside our online community.

3) How I will get Membership Product? 

Ans : As soon as you will do payment offline to our Campus Ambassadors or Online to us; We will give access to it online instantly. If You want doorstep Home delivery in offline mode then with some additional fees it will be delivered to you by 48 Hours.

4) How much Educational Contents I should take?

 Ans:- We are ready to provide all the quantity of educational stuff.If you want fewer contents than it then u can take it.

5) When & How to get Job Interview Scheduling & Notification?

Ans :- We are a partner with “Odisha Job Seekers” posting jobs all most each day in those communities. But to our members, we are providing “Exclusive JOBs” directly to their WhatsApp Broad Casting / as SMS on a weekly basis.

6) How to get offline training which is providing to  “BPUT TIMES” Members? 

Ans:- We partner with Tops Training Institutions provides FREE trainings to our members at various places or Hyderabad & Odisha. To know about it members will call to 7008952192.

7) How to get “BPUT TIMES E-Magazine”?

Ans:- BPUT TIMES monthly E-magazine will be delivered direcly through the mail each month to members (it can be also viewed from our “BPUT TIMES Application”).

8) How to Slove  My”Grievances” related to Education or BPUT University or Job?

Ans:- BPUT TIMES with the connection of TOP authorities & by the support of “Odisha Students Association (OSA)” will slove all possible Grievances (if it relates to Educational Domain or our Services Related). Standard Transporation & Consulting Fee may Apply for Non-BPUT TIMES Members )

9) How to get access to exclusive Job & Educational communities? 

Ans:- After taking membership; member has to provide his/her email id by which he/she will be invited to the relevant communities.

10) How to Get Local Job Fair Tickets FREE?

Ans:- As We are promotional partner/Sponsor in many Job Fairs / Educational Fairs so our members get special privilege on those events. Before any such events, we will let you inform.But let me make sure members cannot select any random events to go ; our team will select & forward to members.

11) How members will get Certification?

Ans :- In our monthly magazine, we will give a chance to promote. In our groups/pages, we will give limited opportunities to promote .on our website their names will be scrolled out.